About Cyril G. Veinott, Ph.D.
senior member of the IEEE and winner of the Tesla Prize"

Dr Cyril G. Veinott was the Chief Engineering Analyst of Reliance Electric Company. as well as their Machinery consultant For more than sixteen years he served on the Corporate Staff of the company. While in this post, he was concerned with the development, programmation, and execution of induction motor design methods. He also represented Reliance on the EMA and IEEE committees.

Dr. Veinott is the author of five widely used books and six motor CAD programs. Four programs are single phase induction motor design programs, and two are polyphase programs. Some of the books have been translated into several foreign languages. He has written numerous papers and technical articles and has taught design courses in four countries and in two languages. He is the inventor/co-inventor of 14 U.S. patents, all in the electric motor field.

Dr. Veinott is internationally recognized for his contributions to induction motor technology. He has been awarded the prestigious IEEE Tesla Medal with the following citation:

"For his leadership in development and application of small induction motors."

This award may be checked at the following web-site: Dr. Veinott's IEEE award    then look at 1977.